This project has been designed by the group Sustainable Angels and is intended for the future of Parks in the City of Los Angeles, as well as individual land owners in the county who would like to participate in the LA COUNTY RAINFOREST PROJECT

Our goal is to plant 480,000 Kiri Trees within the city of Los Angeles. Starting with places like Ascot Hills and similar areas surrounding the city of Los Angles that present constant fire dangers.  These areas could be turned green within months with our Air to Water technology.

This Rainforest will reverse the pollution and emissions caused by sixty thousand (60,000) diesel semi trucks running twenty four (24) hours a day seven (7) days a week.  Keeping Los Angeles, clean, green, and beautiful.


Joaquin Rascon reports about Eric Garcetti and his indegenous tree efforts in Ascot Hills already

a fire proof rainforest existing within the city of los angeles

A Rainforest that would prevent a major out of control fire
which happens often. (Is happening now!)

leaving the indigenous plants in the valley of the hills alone and planting the kiri tree in the hills while using Air to Water technology for irrigation

Could you imagine a rainforest inside the city of Los Angeles?

The Kiri Tree prevents mudslides!

A rainforest that prevents mudslides!  We have them all the time!

The Kiri Tree prevents fires!

A rainforest that prevents fires!  We have them all the time!

The Kiri Tree cleans the Air!

A rainforest that cleans our air!  We drive all the time!

Chris Sanders plants one million Kiri Trees in 2007!

The Kiri Tree and The United States of America listed as non - invasive in California and Hawaii!


A rainforest that provides fish food!

A rainforest that provides fire prevention lines!

A rainforest that provides billions of dollars in renewable lumber!

Kiri Wood

What this will do:

Currently the city holds thousands of non used acres of land.

Whereas this land is in danger from: fault lines, fires, floods, erosion, and contamination.

Whereas the city has pollution and emissions from millions and is expected to grow.

Why not combat that problem by planting the most beneficial tree for pollution and carbon credits...the kiri tree?  It is licensed as non-invasive in the state of California and Hawaii already, and when the tree is cut down it can come back out of the same rooting system.  Thereby providing a renewable tree that can be cut down every five years providing a constant income from lumber.  The Kiri Tree yields about $500 million per square mile in five years.  A two and a half square mile LA Rainforest would project to generate $1.5 billion in lumber revenue alone within 10 years. 

*Provide billions in revenue for the city. (Feed the entire homeless community!)
countless downstream jobs for the LA economy.
(chemicals, fish food, leaf, lumber, shipping, transportation, wood) 
*Create fire blockades from a non flammable forest.
*Carbon Credits for Los Angeles, Japan, and the world. Cleaner Air!
*Clean the cities Air! Eight
 Kiri Trees reverses emissions from one semi truck!

OUR GOAL IS 1600 ACRES to qualify for a United Nations RAINFOREST
Each acre will have 300 trees
This can be done on multiple sections and areas!  Do you have property that you can not build on such as a FAULT or FLOOD ZONE?  Let us plant Kiri Trees and indigenous trees.  The trees will prevent erosion.  Need fire protection?  We can plant foliage and trees that can stand as fire barriers.  Our volunteers are geared to help properties and communities that are in high fire potential areas.


1 acre
10 acres
100 acres
320 acres
640 acres
1,600 acres

total tree cost:
Air to Water:

14' x 14'
220 Kiri Trees
2,200 Kiri Trees
22,000 Kiri Trees
70,400 Kiri Trees
140,800 Kiri Trees
352,000 Kiri Trees


12' x 12'
300 Kiri Trees
3,000 Kiri Trees
30,000 Kiri Trees
96,000 Kiri Trees
192,000 Kiri Trees
480,000 Kiri Trees


Angel tree planting volunteers ad an initial  $3.5 - $4.8 million dollars in savings toward contributing Sustainable Angel Investors by lowering the total price of the entire angel investor package to under a million US dollars.  The surplus revenues generated by the LA RAINFOREST could feed the entire homeless community for the city of Los Angeles forever as well as lower the insurance and casualty rates for home owners in these fire prone areas. If water is needed Air to Water technology ads $1.2 million towards the over all budget.

Please help and donate to the Los Angeles Rainforest Project.

Kiri symbol  Okura, Suguira, Sanders, Karoke


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