Fireproofing Malibu
Kiri Tree Project

Kiri Tree

Malibu is 27 square miles
each mile yields
$100 million a year in biomass
$500 million in 5 years lumber
100 million per year
yields 20 million a year when
Sustainable Forestry, Inc. practices a
revolving 20% crop rotation
20 million x 27 sq. miles = $13,500,000,000
$13.5 trillion
at 20% $2,700,000,000
$2.7 trillion based on 27 square miles.

$1 trillion based on 10 square miles
with Sustainable Forestry, Inc. as operator

Got a manision in Malibu?
Afraid of constant Mudslides and Fire?
We have the solution!

The goal of this project is to create a living boundary of fireproof trees that are non invasive and also non flammable.  The tree is called the Kiri tree and it produces 10 times the oxygen of any other tree.

Christopher C Sanders

Use Kiri tree growth revenue to finance the city with up to $1 trillion in proceeds from 10 square miles of trees that are sustainably forested!  This also will protect the city from fire, floods, and mudslides.  All insurance companies will endorse this project because of the protection this tree offers.  Did I mention that it also remediates toxic soil?  Just consider the real-estate protection our forest will insure!

Joey Keating - Director
Sue Misena - Forestation
Evelyn Preist - Malibu BBB
Erin Brokavitch - Environmental
Chris Sanders - Kiri Tree
Ford Seeman - Sustainable Forestry

Joey Keating - Director
(818) 274-8573

Chris Sanders - Operations
(310) 970-2400

Ford Seeman - Sustainable Forestry
(718) 216-4046

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